Thursday, October 30, 2008

A need to improve along with others...

Hello world!

My name is Kahar and it is my sincere hope that by sharing my vision, ideas, experience and research, I would be able to learn and see more and also possibly give ideas and help others improve in the martial world.

Due to my experiences when I was small and at high school, I became a timid, shy and introverted person who is fearful of most things. I was even afraid to go into shops and places I am not familiar of! I couldn't talk to people and even look at anybody in the eye. It was a miserable feeling that I wouldn't wish on anybody, even my foes.

My father is a Silat master who learned silat (mostly Javanese origin) from 30 masters! He had the same problem as me when he was small and he conquered his fear by learning any silat he could put his hands on and then confront everything he feared, head on, by beating everybody and everything up. Even his masters!!! When he was older he told me, that if he were to do everything again, he would learn Traditional Chinese Kungfu.

That came as a surprise, but it became a starting point in my journey. After high school I looked everywhere in Kuala Lumpur for a Traditional Chinese Martial Arts teacher. Anybody I could I met, despite the fear. I am lucky to find my Kungfu Father, Grandmaster Yip Fook Choy and a fantastically wonderful journey started!

The style I practice is Yip Kin Wing Chun Kungfu. I wrote a rough history and methods in my knol ( which I am still trying to improve and would appreciate comments and views.

This blog will correspond with Zaf Abbas' blog Wing Chun Diaries and also soon to be released blog on Yip Kin Wing Chun. By reading all three you would be able to understand the Yip Kin Wing Chun martial arts system and at the same time see a student's and an instructor's point of view of the training and discipline. I would also input my thoughts, findings and experiences in Yip Kin Wing Chun together with experiences with other truly wonderful people and their styles in the Martial Arts World.

I welcome any comments and thoughts that you might have, and by sharing I hope we can all improve ourselves and our arts better!

Now follow me in this journey... towards martial excellence!

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