Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Empty hand techniques in traditional weapons.

Last week Friday I had a nice time training (and fortunately LEARNING) something from my sifu. I was half fooling around with my kungfu brothers while practicing one of our forms. I explained certain concepts within the form while sifu watched from the side. I hope I got all of it right :) He didn't say anything about it so hopefully they were correct :D

Then he did something I am very thankful now. He gave concepts, techniques and principles to counter all the concepts and principles I just shared with my kungfu brothers, and ALL of them came from the 6 and half point pole form!

Sifu showed the Yin and Yang side of applications, according to the positioning, body posture, strength and size of the opponent. Again the emphasis was on "Using 4 ounces to defeat 1,000 catties". You can be at any size and age to apply all these. He then proceeded to give counters to the counters he taught, and ALL came from the 6 and a half point pole form!

Years ago Sifu showed us how to use the Yong Mui Pang as an empty hand form. I believe if I continue further, I'm gonna learn the empty hand applications and principles for all the weapons, and vice versa! This shows the unlimited depths of Yip Kin Wing Chun. As my kungfu brother Zaf said in the Yip Kin Wing Chun knol, "Each and every form contains the entire system".

We've said many MANY times, how lucky we are to learn this particular Wing Chun system! My only wish is more people can learn it and get the whole benefits. If only I had more time to practice. :(

I just found out that I'm a 6th Generation practitioner of another Wing Chun and my name is included in their list of practitioners. I learned it for 1 or 2 odd months 11 years ago, haven't practiced it since then and I'm included in their list! WOW! and LoL!

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