Thursday, January 15, 2009

I could use it when I'm 90!

There are many reasons why I'm learning martial arts but there are only a few reasons why I choose Chinese martial arts. One of them is, I know I could use it when I'm 90. Here's why I say so,

My first experience in Chinese Martial Arts is with a Sifu who teaches at the Chee Fee Tai Chi Choy Li Fut association. The sifu looked preety old (maybe about 70 or 80). This is already 18 years ago so I can no longer remember his name. But the experience is etched in my memory and hopefully it will never be removed.

I was learning Choy Li Fut while the master teaches Tai Chi at the side. I asked 1 stupid question which was, "How can you use that in a fight?". The master suggested an exchange which totally changed me. Having both Tae Kwon Do (green belt) and a little bit of Choy Li Fut (I started about a month before that) training and my youth to back me up I was cocky and over confident at the very least!. However, I was stopped and thrown before I could finish and BOY was he FAST! I still remember floating backwards with my soles about 1 feet above ground and landing about 3 or 4 metres away from him! I was beaten by a very old man!

That was not the first time I was so called bullied by and old man. I can no longer remember how many times I've been thrown up side down by my sifu. I've sparred and fought many people of many different martial arts, but none, no matter how big, strong and well conditioned they are, who has thrown me up side down. And my sifu is 66 years old this year with a limp on his leg due to an accident.

I have seen Grandmaster Yip Man's son Yip Chun do Chi Sau with people twice his size and half his age. Relaxed and in control. I have seen my Sibak (sifu's elder kungfu brother) who is 81 this year, pick up the 6 and a half point pole and bully my sihengtai (kungfu brothers) with it.

I can use this when I'm 90. My dream is to have many other 90 year olds practicing with me and continue to improve. Care to join me?


Zak said...

Yes! I would like to join you! Ha ha ... seriously though, I'm mid-30's smoker, drinker, dont exercise and am stiff as a pole... is it too late to save me?

Ikigai said...

That sounds like a good dream!

And Zak, definitely not. Just start to slowly cut back on smoking and drinking and institute a gradual stretching regiment. You can make it!

MiniCooperS1275 said...

Did you say that you learnt 蔡李佛 Choy Li Fut at the 智飛太極拳會 Chee Fei Tai Chi Chuan Association in Kuala Lumpur, i.e. the one off Jalan Cheng Lock, just opposite the Pasar Seni LRT Station?

If so, do you know if they still teach 蔡李佛 Choy Li Fut? I am keen to locate a 蔡李佛 Choy Li Fut school in KL. Was told that the Malaysia lineage is the 北勝 Buk Sing lineage from 譚三 Tham Saam.