Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Let's share and improve!

I visited a Wing Chun master in Kota Damansara recently. He trained in Wing Chun for years in Australia and Hong Kong. First look I could see he LOVES Wing Chun and it is more evident in his class, from the way he speaks and his actions.

I believe for those who are looking for a sifu, this is the first criteria. PASSION! Second, his/her love for the martial art he's teaching. Third, his/her love for his students. I could see this sifu has all three criteria and sat there anxiously for the class to finish.

At the end of the class we (the sifu, some of his students and me) sat down for a chat on the theories and philosophies of Wing Chun and why it is effective. He also graciously showed the ideas in a practical manner which are easy to understand. The sifu's passion and love for wing chun brought down any wall or ice which is always prevalent when discussions between styles are conducted.

Because of that, we could present our ideas freely without animosity. What did we find out? We have the same ideas even though our styles (even though both are wing chun) look very different from each other. Our approach, however, are very different. And the good sifu graciously invited me to train with him so we could both practice and see what we can learn from each other. An invitation from a great guy like that, who could say no? I just hope I can make him happy with what I have.

Conclusion. Look for the 3 criterias when choosing your sifu for martial arts. Any martial arts. It will help you in learning the art because of the openness and willingness to share attitude that comes with passion,love for the art and love for the students brings.

P/S: Thank you Sifu Kenneth and students of the Crush MMA Gym, Kota Damansara for receiving me.


Ikigai said...

Sounds like a great meeting of minds! Good martial arts communication can be a very rewarding experience.

Digital Zen said...

When can we have a meet up with him? :)

Guan Gung said...

I think the new gym at "The Strand" in Kota Damansara is already up and running. Wish I have time to go.

Anonymous said...

Guan Gung,

Can you share where the place is in Kota Damansara.

"urs" in aiki spirit.

Guan Gung said...

Its at the crush mma gym at the strand in kota damansara. I do not know the exact location because I haven't been to the new place myself