Thursday, August 13, 2009

Where to find Wing Chun Class in Malaysia!

Recently I read a forum in PJNet titled "Looking for Wing Chun class". A group advertised themselves as "The only Ip Man Ving Chun in Malaysia" and that started a big argument on the net which later became a big game of I accuse you of this and that. Even my organization was accused! Hahaha...

First things first. You are ALL giving martial artist a bad name. Everybody accusing everybody else and no one listening to each other. That's not the martial artist way!

For those wanting to find Wing Chun classes, my dear friends Chow Wai Yip ( and Jon Dep (A student of Ken Lau. Ken Lau is a certified instructor of Grandmaster Ip Chun's Wing Chun in Singapore. Check out conducts a Wing Chun meetup session in either Taman Rimba Kiara in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, PJ. or in Jalan Klang Lama almost every Saturday. There, wing chun practitioners of almost every school in Kuala Lumpur goes to practice with each other without prejudice. No politics (nobody saying theirs is the best) and no animosity.

Currently, among others, we have students from Grandmasters Stephen Chan, Wong Shun Leong, Leung Shung, Ip Chun lineages come by. All these grandmasters are respected Ip Man students. This is why, I try to join as much as my time and resources allow. The students are great, friendly and very good at what they do.

However, there have not been students from "The only Ip Man Ving Chun" group come yet. My only hope is they come soon to practice, share and if there are people who come to look for wing chun classes, they can market themselves there.

For information, checkout the following sites: Both groups are on facebook.

The Malaysia Wing Chun/Ving Tsun Kuen Study Group/大馬,馬來西亞詠春网络

Fellowship Of Malaysia Wing Chun 马来西亚永春拳术研究会

So Malaysians don't despair! There are many Yip Man students practicing and teaching here in Malaysia! Join the groups and come to the meet ups! You won't regret it!

P/S: I'm not doing myself much good here promoting other wing chun. Hope sifu don't mind. But, I love my friends and I love ALL martial arts (wing chun especially! and among wing chun, Yip Kin wing chun especially! hehe).


zazoo said...

Wah! You promote us openly... :)
Maybe we can setup a Wing Chun Kuen Research Society later and you can share with everyone the most comprehensive and in-depth Yip Kin Wing Chun still not discovered by many.

Guan Gung said...

Lets grow our meet up numbers then set up the Research Society.

Actually, now oso can right?

Martial Artist said...

Good post my friend, I like the way... you promote and unite people in a way of friendship...

Guan Gung said...

Thank you martial artist. We (all martial artists) are of a small group. But, of great importance to our country. So, if we are united, we have a lot to gain physically, mentally, spiritually and socially at at different levels of society.

Please help us spread this. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

do you know where to learn wong shun leung wing chun /ving tsun? from khoirus sobri

Guan Gung said...

Salam Khoirus Sabri,

I know 2 practitioners of WSL WCK here in KL but we (me and both of them) do not anyone teaching that branch of Yip Man Wing Chun yet.

David Peterson (famous WSL WCK practitioner in Australia) visits Malaysia every other month but we are not sure why.

Keep looking. i'll update if we have any info.

khoirus sobri said...

hi, guan gung

nice to meet you. thanks for the reply. do both of them attend to the meet up above mentioned regularly? if so can you provide the details of place and time? i lived at KL at Villa Putri Condo/Apt. Do they teach? i hope they willing to share their knowledge. if it's possible i liked to meet you guys and learn from you haha.
khoirus sobri

Anonymous said...

how about setting up a practice in subang jaya? i know at least 50 friends looking to practice wing chun, but kl is a bit too far away for us students. there are a lot of open courts that can be used at night around here without disturbing the public

Jim said...

Hi, you can find also WingChun classes in Penang.
There is a website

sam said...

Hey me and a few friends always wanted to learn wing chun,but we're living in Sungai Petani ,Kedah.So is it possible for any sifu to teach at here or Penang??

wingChun Penang said...

If you cannot afford to organize an event in your hometown, then, you should take your time and go visit them.
Of course, Penang is the nearest from SP, but it does not mean that what we teach is the closest to what you are looking for.

Figure out what you really want to learn:
KungFu choreographies, or Combat.

Both activities require dedication and perseverance. It is just a matter of preference.

If you choose the second one, all the informations you need are on our website: International Academy of WingChun® - Malaysia


Anonymous said...


I juz wanna ask. Is there any Wing Chun class in Selangor? or somewhere else near Puncak Alam. *coz dats where i live.

call me stebi.

Anonymous said...

where can i find wing chun class somewhere near Puncak Alam/Klang/Selangor. especially puncak alam. because that where i live.

Anonymous said...

Emmm I'm from Kuantan.really intrested in learning Wing Chun.Do you have any friends there that can teach me?

Guan Gung said...

Hi Guys,

Sorry for the late reply. For those interested in classes in Kuantan checkout:


I'm sorry but the closest Wing Chun classes to Puncak Alam is the Damansara Area.

SK Boey said...

Dear friends and Wing Chun lovers,

Another new centre to learn Wing Chun set up by my good friend, Sifu Kenneth Lam. The website is Do check out some videos in the "gallery" tab.

Anonymous said...

where i need to find class wing chun near shah alam .. i very interest to learn kung fu .. i'm malaygirl so maybe can i be part of your chinese skills ..

Sukasuka lu said...

Hi,can anyone tell me is there any classes in johor bahru?and can anyone tell me what is the basis qualification to learn wing chun.i don't know anything about kung fung but am curious to know as people are talking about this the best of all kung fu?btw,are female allow to learn?pardon my ignorance.

Wing Chun Malaysia said...

hello all,
for those who are still looking for Wong Shun Leung Wing Chun school, Sifu David Peterson is running classes here in PJ and KL, check out his website for more information
or just click my name Wing Chun Malaysia :)

WingChun Malaysia said...

Next WingChun Seminar and Examination in Penang 20/11/2011

Sifu (GM Klaus Brand) will lead the next WingChun* Seminar in Malaysia on Sunday 20th of November 2011.

Also, new classroom and facilities for the Malaysian IAW branch.

Stay tuned

Nathan Heissler,
Group Leader Georgetown Penang, MY

Anonymous said...

where i can find wing chun class in kajang....??? help me..

Anonymous said...

where i can find wing chun class in kajang...??
mesej me.. please.. 0142287894