Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Its always fun talking to people and making friends. Today I met a 71 years old uncle at my class in SS2. We started talking and he started telling me stories his grandfather told him when he was small. There were stories about Hung Hei Kwun (the founder of Hung Kuen), Fung Sai Yuk, the five ancestors of Shaolin (Ng Mui, Jee Sim, Miu Hin, Pak Mei and the other guy who's name I can never remember), the five families (Hung, Lau, Choy, Li and Mok) and a host of names I cannot remember due to my very little knowledge in Cantonese.

But, one story caught my attention. The uncle told me he grew up in Kuala Pilah and he had many friends and relatives in Bahau. He said in Bahau there is an interesting style which they named "Nam Pai Tai Kik" or simply put "Southern Taijiquan". The master was a person named Lee. The style's lineage can be traced to Leung Yi Tai, Wong Wah Boh and the Red Boat, the 2 most important persons under Yip Man's Lineage!!!

This uncle knows about Hong Kong Wing Chun and he thought that I'm teaching that style. He said that the Southern Taiji's Chi Sau is very different from Hong Kong and their primary weapon is called "Mui Fa Kuan". Their forms are called Siu Lim Tao and some other Chinese name that I cannot remember.

Man am I EXCITED!!!! If we can trace this style we might be able to see the Wong Wah Boh and Leung Yee Tai Lineage before it came to Hong Kong and called Hong Kong Wing Chun.

If any of you who read this blog ever came across this style, please contact me. I'm told that some of the practitioners are living in Cheras while the family of Sifu Lee might still be in Bahau. Please allow me to look for you. Please share the art you have so it can be preserved and transfered to the next generation. Thank you!!!


zazoo said...

Tai Chi deals with circular and spiral energy.

Wing Chun goes for triangular structure to develop forward energy.

Now, it is getting more interesting.

If we could feature him doing his siu lim tao in youtube, that will be great. We can contact eric ling, hendrik & robert chu to dwelve further into this Tai Chi/Wing Chun thingy

Guan Gung said...

That's exactly what we want. Maybe we can see the Wong Wah Boh/Leung Yi Tai Lineage from a different angle. Can't wait to look for them.