Wednesday, November 25, 2009

How true!!!

Have a look a this video on youtube.

I especially like what that old long bearded uncle said,
"Learning kungfu is like studying. You will experience it slowly, you will gather the knowledge slowly, and you will understand it slowly, then you can achieve greatness".

And also the chubby brother,
"Chinese kungfu is very unique. Its a total art form. its not just about fighting its a way of life, its philosophical, its spiritual, its physical, its everything!"

I believe these to be really2 true.

In the face of McDojo type certification and training, young people are very much inclined to think of their greatness. I've read many times and met many people saying that they are the best, they're unbeatable, they've found weaknesses in their chosen art so they're coming up with their own style, they've become sifu/master in record time etc. They want to be Bruce Lee in double quick time (They forget Bruce Lee practices 8 to 10 hours a day when he's not acting).

Many do not know that, in the old days, for you to be a martial arts sifu (father) you have to have a few things.
1. Empty hand skills
2. Weapon skills (North China says you must know 18 weapons, while the south says you must know at least 9 weapons)
3. Lion Dance
4. Medicine and Healing

If you a lack even one, you can be an instructor but not a father (the original meaning of Sifu). It is like a check and balance system telling people who are the 'masters' and who are the 'practitioners'.

Some might say it is not relevant these days but I beg to differ. Scroll down this blog so I may remind you that, each time we learn a new weapon, we will experience different sensations/energies in our hands. We learn a totally different and unrelated type of weapon, then our own kungfu will be screwed up.

So when we complete the whole course (empty hands, 9 weapons, lion dance, medicine), imagine the myriad of energies you'll acquire at your disposal. Not only they make some of us invincible, what's more important than that is, they give deeper understanding to what you are learning and practicing, and thus you'll be able to apply those same principles in life to give you total success and thus, make us a true "father" (if we were to teach... that is). Maybe this is the reason why old masters are revered almost like gods (some like Guan Yu actually became a god).

What I'm trying to say here is, "There's always a higher mountain (some even say the mountains are growing! True also!) so LOOK FOR THEM, and climb some more! If we feel we are the best, we only have 2 directions left, sideways or down. Neither works for me. And I feel both shouldn't work for you too.

It's not about being the best now. Its about getting better and better and better and better tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and everyday after that.

Thank you Allah for showing me this path!

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