Thursday, September 17, 2009

Environmental Training

Where is the most exotic place you have ever practiced? What is the most interesting condition that you have put yourself and your martial arts in?

For me, I’ve practiced in very very heavy rain (Last one was 10 minutes ago... hehehe!), In a snow blizzard, on top of mountains, during earthquakes, inside jungles (the mosquitoes make interesting partners), back alleys (where drug addicts roam), on ships, on small suspension bridges, on steps, beaches (sandy and otherwise) and so many other places and adverse conditions.

It’s one training component some people neglect because they might feel shy, not wanting people to see, want to keep his/her art secret and many many different reasons.

However, it’s the most wonderful and fun way to practice! You get to know about yourself and your art. You get to see yourself in action in different settings. You get to learn what to do in different environment. Your senses become heightened because you might not want people to see what you are doing or you do not want trip over an obstacle. You get to practice using your art while wearing different types of shoes or even barefoot on different ground conditions. You might feel great calm due to the beautiful setting (Mountains and sunsets do that to you). A bit of stress in a dangerous surrounding (practicing at a beach with 2 meter waves did that to me. It is scary because I can’t swim at that time!)

MOST IMPORTANTLY! You get to enjoy your chosen art! Have fun with it and let your creativity rule! When we are having fun we will stick to what we are doing and practice more! That’s the key to becoming good at what we do. Practice more!

So, go grab your swimming trunks (or whatever you find comfortable or uncomfortable) go outside and practice! Grab a partner and go outside this holiday! Enjoy you art! ENJOY YOURSELF!!

For all Muslims, Happy Eid Mubarak! For all that reads this blog, forgive me if my words are harsh, insensitive, useless and not caring. Those with intent are done so we can all go forward and improve ourselves. There might be some that unintentionally hurt somebody’s feelings out there, please forgive me. Do leave a comment and tell if it is so.

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